Friday, 23 October 2015

Mercedes Coleen Moss Reviews A Revolutionary FREE Software That Qucikly Dominates The Clickbank Marketplace

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If you read through, you will find a video that I did on the product - apologies for the quality. Production gave me trouble galore as I was tired. 

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The Revolutionary Software that dominates Clickbank

I'd like to introduce you to the Revolutionary Software That Qucikly Dominates The Clickbank Marketplace. It is a unique, cutting edge Clickbank Analytic software that allows users to quickly view and analyze the profitability and competitiveness of products in the Clickbank Marketplace.  This saves a ton of time that you would usually take to hunt for products to purchase and/or promote from that source.

The software is downloaded and installed as an add on in the Firefox browser.  Once downloaded, one must enter one's user name and password and the plugin becomes fully functional whenever you sign into Clickbank. I found it rather fascinating to say the least. 

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In order to make money with the plugin, the affiliate must purchase the optional Elite version, an optional upgrade which currently costs almost US$100.00. Therefore, whenever a referee logs in with the free version and makes any purchase on Clickbank, their referrer is entitled to a commission. Now, how does that happen? 

That version automatically embeds the owner's affiliate's links into over 16,000 products in Clickbank, with the potential for commissions whenever a purchase is made by anyone to whom you give or sell the software. This is nothing but sheer genius! To my mind, this feature is nothing but EASY Clickbank marketing.

Pros of the software

  1. There is a video on how to install the plugin into Firefox.
  2. It actually does what it claims to do - provides an analysis of the best products to promote in the Clickbank marketplace. 
  3. It is actually an ingenious creation since it would leverage earnings for affiliates if a purchase is made by anyone to whom they gave or sold it. 

Cons of the software

  1. Only email templates/swipes and banners were provided for affiliates. This is a serious disadvantage to the individual who loves the plugin, wants to share it, but lacks information on marketing strategies. At least the video should be accessible.
  2. I used some fancy Facebook marketing software to promote the plugin, but gave up in frustration. I checked my stats much later and realized that I had referred three people for my gargantuan efforts.
  3. The primary marketing tag line is over-hyped and unbelievable, although I got the plugin because I saw its relevance and usefulness. Anyone in their right minds would run away from such a claim.
  4. However, I have included a great bonus that will help you to begin as an affiliate on Clickbank.

Can any anyone become a Clickbank Super Affilate "overnight" without training and marketing tools that come from outer space?



My results

  1. I liked the software, so I tried to share it on Facebook using some fancy tool that was able to allow me to message a large number of people. However, I had no feedback and wondered if that Facebook marketing instrument was another scammy piece of work, in spite of its claims. I will write a review about Auto Facebook Marketer when I get around to it. Duh.
  2. I must let you know that I had some marketing success with several referrals, but I am about to beef up the campaign.

Why am I giving it to you?

This Clickbank analytic tool which more than serves its purpose and the free version gives users all of the benefits with ONE exception. You would find it useful if you are an affiliate or someone who buys and resells products for profit (arbitrage). 

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